Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm not a big believer in different pregnancy symptoms mean different gender or anything, but I do have to say, this pregnancy is a LOT different then any of my others.  I've been nauseated since the very beginning!  And cravings??  This morning I woke up and decided at 4:00 am I had to have a salad.  Of course we have no salad mix or anything, so I had to go to the store.  I go to the store and get some salad mix, some tomatoes, some ranch dressing (cause apparently I need RANCH), and then while I'm there I get a package of oreos, some pickles, some instant potato bowls, black berries (cause my OB said they're good for morning sickness), some cheesey pretzles, and some other random crap for $40! :o  Then I get home, I'm taking care of things and I get hit with this wave of nausea that tops everything I've experienced so far (minus the migraine I had last week).  I actually almost lost my cookies!  So, I hurry up, crack open an orange cream soda and made the potatoes up.  Now I'm feeling better, but wow.  That was a close call!

Friday, February 21, 2014

scheduled pee test

So, I scheduled my confirmation pee test!  I'll probably go in Monday morning after work.  The nurse was pretty funny when I called her.  I thought I had waited long enough to call where it wouldn't be weird and too early, but apparently not, lol.  I told her my LMP and she was like "Really?  Are you sure?  You aren't even late yet!"  So I told her I got a positive pregnancy test three days ago.  LOL  She was like "I don't know if it will show up if you come in, being that early.  What made you think you might have been Pg to test?!"  LOL  I told her it will be fine.  The test lines keep getting darker. Seriously, their tests can't suck THAT much were three days from now I wont be able to get a positive test result!  Anyway, then there was question about when to do my pap.  Set up an appt for it or just wait until my OB appt.  I thought we should just wait until the OB appt since they like to do paps at that time anyway.  After the positive pee test, I will set up an appt with the nurse a few weeks later, and then I think an ultrasound a few weeks after that, and the OB appt 2-4 weeks after that?  I can't remember.

So, I had a nasty migraine yesterday and today thanks to a thunder snow storm we got.  I'm super nauseated too, but I'm not sure if that is from the migraine, or if its early MS.  :x Hoping its migraine related cause if this MS gets worse I think I will die!  lol  Seriously, I've never had MS like this before, how do women deal with it?!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I got my positive today at 9dpo!  It was dark too!  Looking back at baby George's first positive, it is way darker then his!  I guess last nights test was positive after all!  EDD is Nov 3rd!  Lets hope this sway works!

On a side note, my temp dipped today and I did start spotting again, but its already stopped.  I also have a headache.

I just ate a snack!  I can't believe I can do that again!  YAY! lol

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

fine, I did it

I POAS.  I'm not sure what to think about it.  There was a second line as the dye was running across, but by the time the urine carried the dye all the way up the stick, it became just a shadow that I can't even get a pic of.

My spotting has stopped for now, but my spotting tends to come and go with some days being heavier then others anyway.  I'll most likely test in the am.

going back a few days

So I mentioned earlier how I wasn't sure if I ovulated on CD 13 or 16...  Well, I decided I would back my cycle up and even though CD 13 has a better chance at conception, I think I may just have ovulated on CD16.  I am now counting myself as 8 dpo (again) although I could be as far forward as 11 dpo.

The past few days I've had bad O type pain.  I had those with DS2 as well.  I've also been spotting the last several days.  I get that every cycle.  Part of me wants to believe that the O pain I'm feeling is the same as when DS got snug in there and then got SO snug he developed a SCH.  Part of me thinks its the clomid playing tricks on me.  To make things worse, I have also been nauseated the past few days.  Stupid clomid.  I likely wont be testing today, but no guarantees on holding out tomorrow! lol  I'll likely only be 9dpo, but have sticks - must pee.  I'm eagerly awaiting taking my temp today, and if I'm not able to get it today, then finding out where I stand tomorrow!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

9 dpo

More spotting today.  I haven't seen any on the TP, but when I checked, it was there and it was red.  DH and I DTD and noticed more spotting.  I started spotting with DS2 at 6dpo.  Its possible I'm only 6dpo or anywhere in between there and 9dpo, but I'm still feeling disappointed and out.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I'm either 5 or 8 dpo.  Last night I thought I noticed a hint of spotting.  I didn't see anything all day.  Tonight I just became super bitchy and sure enough, I checked and I have started some very light brown spotting mixed with creamy CM.  It could from an estrogen surge, but really, I'm right on schedule for the spotting.  It might be a day or two late actually, but 7-8 dpo has been my norm the past few cycles.   :(  Not feeling so hopeful.  I swear if I hear one person say "it could be implantation bleeding!" I might go bat shit crazy on them.  My temp was a little lower today, but still pretty high.  I'm not sure if that is the mid-luteal phase dip or if I will experience it tomorrow.  My LP as of late has barely been 10, so I expect AF to show up tuesday until I miscalculated O.  :/

Today I have had no symptoms of anything until tonight with the bitchiness and the spotting.  No nausea, no sore bbs when nursing, nothing. :/